About Bearbrook Natural Game Meat Farms

chemical-free-255BearBrook Natural Meats is the place to find deer, elk, buffalo, wild boar, ducks, geese, camel, and kangaroo as well as other exotic and North American meats including including domestic varieties such as beef pork chicken lamb.

Some of our featured products are cipaille, made with natural gravy or elderberry & lingonberry sauce, tortière made with pork, venison ragout and buffalo goulash.

New additions:
Try are our Take Home homemade dinners, such as  German Rouladen, Red Cabbage or Sauerkraut, Baked Beans and Pea Soup. Other delicacies include wild hare and local rabbit, alligator, and kangaroo. How about a Wild Boar roast or a Buffalo steak. Sausages, salami and pepperettes are made from Buffalo, Venison, Elk, Wild Boar, Duck,  Turkey, Lamb.  Salamis come in a variety of different types of meat beef, pork, turkey, duck, lamb, chicken as well as different game meat varieties.  All our sausages are precooked and most are smoked.  No added fillers or MSG. We only use all natural casings.

Our top sellers include Chicken, Ground beef,  Sausages and Free-range eggs.


Buffalo and baby-2742

Come and visit the animals in our new park as they graze on the pastures or move quietly through the woods.

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